We are centrally located on the beautiful shoreline of Trout Lake River and have quick and easy access to many fishing spots.  Just ¼ mile from Pakwash and East Lake and only 2 miles from Bruce Lake you will be sure to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors on your boat ride.

We have the perfect location on the river that ensures that you are easily able to find calm waters to fish and can head out to the bigger lakes at your own leisure.

Ontario Fishing Licenses

Fishing Regulations Link

  • Management Zone 4

TRL’s Top Tackle Box Suggestions

Walleye Fishing

  • ¼ oz to ½ oz jigs assorted colors
    • Lindy Rigs gold/silver
    • Chain weights ¼ oz to ½ oz
    • Bottom bouncers and chain weights ¾ oz up to 2 oz

Northern Fishing

  • Len Thompson Spoons
  • Salmo Baits
  • Balmer Long A Jerk Baits

Bass Fishing

  • 3/8 oz to ¾ oz Spinner Baits
  • Jackall Frogs
  • Power Baits and Tubes/ watermelon and pumpkinseed colours