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Thank you to our guests for sharing these fantastic pictures! We have had some excellent fishing!

by Laura 6. June 2014 20:52

All Trophy fish were caught and released back into the water for future & fellow Anglers. 















































Season Opener Is Here!

by Laura 14. May 2014 03:54

We are ready! Cabins are cleaned, docks are in place & boats are ready to go. 

We are just finishing up with last minute details.  Ice is off of the River and East Lake.

Bruce Lake is on its way out with ice out just past the duck box.  Pakwash is open up

to Snake Falls River.  We are getting some rain right now so that is helping to melt the ice too. 

We are predicting a similar ice off situation as last year.  We are anxious to start this season

and look forward to seeing all of you soon.



Wolf Hunt Success!

by Laura 22. January 2014 02:51





Happy New Year!

by Laura 2. January 2014 01:50

Happy New Year to all.  We hope you had a wonderful holiday season.  Bill and I hosted Christmas this year at camp, where my parents, sister Kara, husband Jeff and their daughters Kali and Ava joined.  We all woke up Christmas morning together and shared in the gift of giving and had a delicious turkey dinner that evening.  We were even given a brief reprieve on the extremely cold weather and hit the trails for snowshoeing, sleigh rides,  bon fires and even some sliding! 

With family returning home shortly after  Christmas we had plans to go to the cabin and then bring in the New Year with Bill's family in Fort Frances.  Mother nature had other plans...due to the extreme cold weather , temperatures  dropping below -37F with windchills of -47F we decided to not temp fate and stay home.  It doesn't take a lot to go wrong  before you are in serious trouble at those temps.  We have instead relaxed at home and spent time together as a family.  Visiting neighbors and friends close by.  Bill watched the forecast  carefully and we made it out for a few hours one day to catch a feed of walleye for his birthday dinner.

Bill and my father Rick, had an excellent trapping season finishing off with 54 beaver and 120 Pine Martin. We have a full schedule in January and February with Landon and Carter's hockey, often times him going east and me going west...but we make it work and love being involved and seeing our boys play. I completed my first half marathon last October with a great friend of mine and have a three person team triathlon planned with my sister and Aunt in Dryden next year.  Trigger has been a great addition to our family and has definitely wiggled his way into many hearts.

2014 we have some exciting changes and improvements.  We are now offering Non Resident Archery Moose hunts, fully guided.  This is very exciting  for us and one of Bill's many passions.  We have also started the process of getting natural gas into the camp, which is quite the endeavor in itself.  Bill and I are continually looking of ways to improve the camp and increase your vacationing pleasures while trying not to have a large impact on our rates.

We love what we do here at camp and are grateful for our friends, family and guests.  We thank you for your continued support and look forward to hosting your 2014 fishing and hunting vacations. 










Wishing you a wonderful Holiday Season

by Laura 20. December 2013 18:38


Another Season Has Come and Gone

by Laura 30. September 2013 22:48

We brewed our last pot of coffee in the office Saturday

morning and officially closed the store for the season

yesterday evening. It is hard to belive another fishing

season has come and gone.  We enjoyed visiting with all

of you and feel truly bleblessed to have had the opportunity

to host your 2013 fishing and hunting vacations. 


Thank you for a great season!


Exciting News - Trout River Lodge is now offering fully guided Non Resident Moose Hunts

by Laura 30. September 2013 22:43


Bear Hunts 6 out of 7...what a success!

by Laura 12. September 2013 06:24












In the commotion of the hunts we did not get a picture of the 6th Bear.


Fall Fishing

by Laura 10. September 2013 22:19








Guests are fueled and have bait, morning chores are done, kids are at a friends...lets go fishing!

by Laura 14. August 2013 20:00













* All fish over 18" were released back into Pakwash