Trout River Blog | September 2013

Another Season Has Come and Gone

by Laura 30. September 2013 22:48

We brewed our last pot of coffee in the office Saturday

morning and officially closed the store for the season

yesterday evening. It is hard to belive another fishing

season has come and gone.  We enjoyed visiting with all

of you and feel truly bleblessed to have had the opportunity

to host your 2013 fishing and hunting vacations. 


Thank you for a great season!


Exciting News - Trout River Lodge is now offering fully guided Non Resident Moose Hunts

by Laura 30. September 2013 22:43


Bear Hunts 6 out of 7...what a success!

by Laura 12. September 2013 06:24












In the commotion of the hunts we did not get a picture of the 6th Bear.


Fall Fishing

by Laura 10. September 2013 22:19