Trout River Blog | May 2013

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by Laura 29. May 2013 20:47


The Running's Crew are back at it again - great fish pictures you guys!

by Laura 29. May 2013 20:32




Some people wonder where our boys fit in to all of this...that's easy, right smack in the middle of it!

by Laura 29. May 2013 20:29




Beautiful Sunrise on Last Weeks Departure Day - thanks for sharing Joe

by Laura 29. May 2013 20:27


Chris's 29" walleye - Nice catch!

by Laura 26. May 2013 20:22


A little "dock fishing"

by Laura 24. May 2013 20:25


Opening week

by Laura 24. May 2013 19:57

Thank you for all of the wonderful pictures that are being sent in.  We are having an execellent start into the 2013 fishing season!


41.5 inch Northern, Released!



38.5 inch Northern, Released!


Opening Day

by Laura 17. May 2013 18:54

The sun is shinning! What a beautiful day for opening!  We look forward to seeing all of you this season.   Ice update - East Lake, Bruce Lake and the river are all out.   Pakwash is making huge headway and should be out in the next day or two. 



Ice update

by Laura 11. May 2013 02:00

Ice is off the river and as far as the duck box on Bruce.   Pakwash ice is off as far as snake falls river.  If the weather cooperates, ice out should be close.