Trout River Blog | January 2013

A cold day in our warm ice shack

by Laura 28. January 2013 22:40



Great day of moose shed hunting

by Laura 25. January 2013 22:47


Happy New Year

by Laura 9. January 2013 22:12

Happy New Year!  We hope you were all blessed with the love and laughter of family and firends over the holiday season .  We had a wonderful Christmas.  We loaded up the back of Bill's truck, 2 piles high, and headed to Fort Frances.  We joined his siter and her two boys a long with his parents.  We all woke up Christmas morning together, which is a memory in itself. Landon woke up at 3:30 am.  Bill managed to keep him in bed but Landon was having no part in falling back a sleep.  He tossed and turned untill 5:30 when we finally let him him start the fun!

Over the holidays we snow machined a lot and ice fished some.  We brought in the New Year with good friends and finished the holidays off with more snow machining and bon fires.  We also mades two trips to the pool too!  The kids are now back to school and are dragging their feet a little.  I am sure they are just trying to recover from the over induldgment in food and festivities, as are Bill and I.

Bill had a busy fall with Moose and Deer hunting.  He even managed to get out and do some trapping in between trips to the areana for the boys.  The boys are doing great, growing like weeds.  Landon had his first hockey tournament in Decemeber.  We made it to" B-side" quarter finals and lost in a shoot out, tough loss for the kids.  Carter has his first Tournament in February.  We are looking forward to seeing him get out there and have fun!

We are starting to prepare for the 2013 fishing season.  It will be here before we no it, it is amazing how time passes so qucikly.  We thank you all for your continued support and wish only the best for you and yours in 2013.







Firewood Outing

by Laura 6. January 2013 22:29