Trout River Blog | September 2012

A busy Fall

by Laura 30. September 2012 01:03

Our apologies for not getting on here sooner.  We have had one busy Fall!  We managed to get camp shut down just before freeze up, with not a lot of time to spare.  Our first snow storm was our Canadian Thanksgiving, October 7th, we received over 8 inches of wet heavy snow.  The roads were closed and the Red Lake surrounding area was without power for 36 hours.  The River froze over on Nov 7.  We now have 14 inches of ice on East Lake and 9 inches on Bruce Lake.  We haven't been out as far as Pakwash yet to check.  We have had a lot of mixed temperatures lately.  It rained hard on Monday and then turned cold making things pretty slippery around here.  The boys have already had two snow days.  We might just be headed for a long cold winter. 






Pictures of the highway early Thanksgiving day before the brunt of the storm hit.  We went in early to get the boys from school and were waiting for them to reopen the highway.


Some Great Falls Fishing Pictures

by Laura 30. September 2012 00:29







Another Beautiful Bear ...Feild Dressed and Weighing in at 350lbs

by Laura 12. September 2012 04:00


An Excellent Start To Our Bear Hunting Season. Congratulations Justin!

by Laura 3. September 2012 21:59