Trout River Blog | January 2012

Happy New Year

by Laura 10. January 2012 17:41

Happy New Year to all!  We hope you had a wonderful holiday season.  This year we celebrated Christmas with my parents, Rick and Lucile as well as my sister Kara and her husband Jeff along with there two daughters Kali and Ava. 

Mom and dad came out to the house shortly before 6:00am because as predicted the boys were awake and ready to start the festivities.  We all sat around the living room and watched four children 8 years and younger tie into their presents.  It was nice to share this moment together and see their excitement.  

 We made it out for many sleigh rides,  one afternoon we had a wiener roast on the ice at East Lake.  In the evening we enjoyed some sliding on our "man made"  sliding hill in the front yard, we even got grandpa to take a rip down it.  The darkness and silence was broken up by the surrounding Christmas lights and the sound of Christmas carols, squeals and laughter.   We even made it out to Pakwash for a little ice fishing one afternoon.  It was a lot of fun.

This year we made the trip back to Bill's home town, Fort Frances.  We brought in the New Year with great friends  and enjoyed spending sometime with family.  Landon and Carter got to play ice hockey on a frozen creek with their cousins, as well as slide and roast hot dogs over the fire.  We couldn't have asked for a more beautiful day. 

We have had beautiful weather so far this winter.  Mostly in the  15F or warmer range.  With a few nights of -10F.  There is a little over  a foot of snow on the ground and about 19inches of ice out on Pakwash.   Our ice shack has been set up for a couple of weeks now and we had mom and dad out for our first fish fry was delicious!

We will be posting our 2012 season rates and sending out our 2012 confirmation letters shortly.  We wish only the best for you in this New Year and look forward to seeing you again this upcoming season.     


Catch Of The Day!

by Laura 4. January 2012 17:35