Trout River Blog | May 2011

Walleye opener is here and the fish are biting!!!!

by Laura 21. May 2011 17:22


Landon and his cousin Kaden had a beautiful double hitter right off the dock. 





Fishin' for Northern

by Laura 20. May 2011 07:03

Today we welcomed many life long friends and guests back into camp for another great season! 

The fishing off the docks has began.  





A Day With The Family

by Laura 10. May 2011 18:32

On Mother's Day we went to check out the "Sucker Run".  It was another great time with many laughs.

The water was a lot higher and fast moving then last year, so getting around was a little trickier.  Just ask

Landon, he fell in three times.  We ended are afternoon with a tailgate picnic of moose sausage,

cheese, pcikles, crackers and Nana's homemade banana bread.  It was a great day!



Ice is off

by Laura 10. May 2011 18:19

Bill took the boys for a boat ride on Sunday and came back to announce, the ice is officially off the lakes. We should have all the water running and the cabins ready to go by the end of the week.


Ice Condition Update

by Laura 5. May 2011 20:28


                                   Photo of the islands towards Pakwash park 


Weather and Ice Conditions

by Laura 5. May 2011 05:13

Giving the amount of snow fall this year and the cold temps, it is all going 

relatively quick.  The river is open and Bruce Lake has very little ice. 

With the winds and rain tonight it should be out by morning.  The mouth

of Pakwash Lake is open, you can almost get through to Chukuni River. 

Everything is lining up for a great opener!     


Around Camp

Dock Push 2011

by Laura 4. May 2011 03:58

Today the guys completed the dock push.  Now to just get the rampways

attatched and the electrical outlets in place.






Around Camp